Post-Prediction Un-Conference!

Post-Prediction Un-Conference 2020

Post-Prediction Conference is over for this year! We'll be back next year.

We'd like to thank RMIT and Braneshop for sponsoring the conference, and all the organisers and volunteers for helping.

To stay in contact with the attendees, join the ML/AI Slack Group and join the channel "post-prediction-conference". You can get an invite to the channel here.

Any further questions or comments can be emailed to

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Post-Prediction Un-Conference is community-organised unconference focused on the present and future impacts of AI.

Machine learning is becoming evermore capable at predicting our futures. This ability is being used to alter our actions and behavior. As the machine learning and AI community, how will we respond?

This event is about understanding and exploring how we will design and direct AI in this new world; a world where prediction is arbitrarily good — the "post-prediction" world.

We're interested in building a community around understand how we should design AI systems that integrate well with our human, environmental, social and cultural practices.

We will take notes during the event, and email them to all attendees afterwards.


The unconference will be on the 18th-Feb-2020. This event is by donation. Donations will given to bushfire relief.

  • Melbourne CBD, RMIT University, Building 80.
    Rooms: 80.03.06, 80.04.19 & 80.03.15.

Please meet in 80.03.15. As you enter building 80 from the street, it's up the escalators, and then immediately to your left.

  • Tuesday, 18th of Feb 2020, 9am-6:30pm

Call For Participation (CFP)

There will be three rooms. The event is a semi-organised unconference.

Here is a more detailed Unconference Schedule. The rough format is:

    9:00am  - 9:30am  - Arrive, Mingle
    9:30am  - 10:30am - Everyone together; propose sessions.
    10:30am - 12:30pm - Sessions

    12:30pm - 1pm     - Lunch (BYO)

    1pm     - 1:30pm  - Everyone together; propose sessions.
    1:30pm  - 3pm     - Sessions

    3pm     - 3:30pm  - Break

    3:30pm  - 4pm     - Everyone together; propose sessions.
    4pm     - 5pm     - Sessions
    5pm     - 5:30pm  - Everyone together; close.

The nature of the sessions is determined by those attending the unconference, however, we're interested broadly in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and related fields, but with a particular focus on:

  • Empathy and ethics, bias and fairness,
  • Projects for social good,
  • Creative applications,
  • Inclusion and community-building,
  • Teaching and education,
  • Journalism and story-telling,
  • Privacy and security,
  • Sustainability,
  • Data governance,
  • Human-in-the-loop systems,
  • The UI/experience of AI.

About you

You should come to this unconference if you're interested in group discussions around any of the topics involved. You might like to run a session, or you might like to just chat to other people who are attending, or you might just want to sit and take it all in! Everyone is welcome :)

Organising Team

  • Arna Karick
  • Esmeralda Garcia
  • Fiona Milne
  • Gala Camacho Ferrari
  • Martin Kemka
  • Noon van der Silk (chair)
  • Tilman Dingler


  • Sam Floreani
  • Neelam Yadav
  • Ash Guy

Code of Conduct

We follow the Django Code of Conduct.